Anonymous asked: I can't handle your Don/Peggy shipping! Don is an ASSHOLE and Peggy is too good for him. I'm glad she left!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa… I never said I ship it, like, romantically. Of course Don is an asshole, but so is everyone else on the show. I appreciate his platonic relationships with the women in his life more than his romantic ones. I don’t think Don is capable of having a fulfilling and stable relationship with a woman he’s also sleeping with.

Peggy is my favorite character on the show (basically the only reason I still WATCH the show) and I’m glad she left as well because she was not appreciated at SCDP. I was sad when she said goodbye to Don, but at the same time it filled me with joy that she was leaving him. I’m just going to miss their dynamic, even if their dynamic is a little dysfunctional.

But I NEVER want Peggy to date/fuck Don. In my mind she’s just going to end up with her qt lesbian friend and they’ll live happily ever after because all the guys she’s dated so far suck.

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